Cumin Health Benefits

Cumin, a flowering plant belonging to the Apiaceae family, is scientifically referred to as Cuminum cyminum. Cumin seeds are spices used to flavor several recipes from African countries, South Asia and Latin America. Moreover, there are several cumin health benefits and it has been used to treat different disorders and diseases for several decades. Here are the cumin health benefits.


Cumin is very effective in relieving indigestion and other related problems. Thymol, one of its compounds, stimulates glands which secrete enzymes, bile and acids responsible for complete food digestion in the intestines and stomach. Cumin also has carminative properties, thereby relieving you from gas problems and enhancing digestion and appetite.


Cumin has chemo-preventive and detoxifying properties, and stimulates secretion of anti-carcinogenic and detoxifying enzymes from the body glands. These cumin health benefits coupled with the presence of antioxidants, such as vitamin A and vitamin C, make it effective in alleviating colon cancer. Helping against cancer is also one of the many turmeric health benefits.


The major cause of piles is constipation coupled with wounds in one’s anal tract (which is also triggered by constipation). Cumin is rich in dietary fiber and has anti-microbial, anti-fungal, stimulating and carminative properties. Due to this, it acts as a laxative, helps in curing wounds and infections in the excretory digestive systems and enhances digestion.


cumin health benefits

Cumin is not only a stimulant but a relaxant too. Studies indicate that enough vitamin intake (especially vitamin B-complex) and efficient digestion can induce sleep. Cumin feature these two properties hence its effective in curing insomnia. Moreover, some of the cumin components are naturally hypnotic and offer tranquilizing effects.

Respiratory Disorders

The presence of caffeine make cumin a great anti-congestive solution for people with respiratory disorders like bronchitis and asthma.

Common Cold

It is a common viral infection which often affects the body when the immune system becomes weak. The essential oils in cumin act a disinfectant and help in fighting viral infections which trigger common colds. Cumin also prevents cough formation in your respiratory system as it dries up the additional mucus. It is rich in vitamin C and iron which keep infections away and enhances immunity.


Cumin has a high iron content which is about five times the daily iron requirement for an adult. Iron is the major component of hemoglobin found in the red blood cells. Hemoglobin deficiency is the cause of anemia as it transfers oxygen to the body cells. Therefore, cumin can prove quite beneficial if it’s included in the diet of anemic people.

Skin care

It’s a common knowledge that vitamin E helps in skin care. It gives the skin a younger and glowing look. This is where cumin health benefits come in handy as it’s high in vitamin C. Cumin also has anti-fungal properties which prevents fungal and microbial infections. Regular intake of cumin helps in keeping the skin free from pimples, rashes and boils. Using turmeric for acne also helps to improve skin quality.


Due to the presence of minerals (such as iron) and vitamins (such as vitamin C and vitamin A), cumin boosts up the immune system.