Turmeric for Acne

Most teens are normally horrified when they see the slightest signs of a pimple on their face. To resolve these problems, they may choose to try different kinds of acne remedies. From over-the-counter creams and soaps to prescription medications, some adults and teens will try anything to get acne off their skin.

Sometimes people can make the problems worse if they are using the wrong type of treatment for their face. It is best to do some research before using any over-the-counter cream. Fortunately, there are some all natural remedies that can be used to eliminate these problems. Using turmeric for acne is one of these remedies.

Many people use this spice in many cultural dishes, specifically in many different types of Indian cuisines. What most people don’t realize is just how many turmeric health benefits exist. As it is an anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial herb, turmeric can help against cancer, arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease and many more aliments.

Turmeric for Acne

Using turmeric for acne is an excellent natural remedy because it has properties that help to clear the acne up. The source of acne is normally caused by bacteria on the top of the skin. With its strong anti-bacterial characteristics, people can use turmeric for acne on a regular basis to kill the bacteria on the skin.

Another benefit to using turmeric is it also reduces the skin irritation and helps to cool the affected area down. This is great for people who have sensitive skin that burns very easily.

Turmeric Mask for Acne

Creating a turmeric mask for acne using a combination of different ingredients such as yogurt, honey and lemon is also an effective way to stop the acne problems from spreading to other areas on the face. Some people use this acne mask as a way to soften their skin.


•  1/4 tsp turmeric
•  1/2 tsp flour
•  1 tsp hot water
•  1/2 tsp plain yoghurt
•  1/2 tsp liquid honey
•  1/2 tsp lemon

Mix the ingredients together. Apply the mixture on your face and leave the mask on for 15 minutes or until it hardens. If you don’t have all these ingredients, you can see a different turmeric face mask recipe.

Turmeric for Acne Scars

People who have acne scars on their face will normally try anything to eliminate them. These scars normally come from the residue that’s left from more severe cases. Using turmeric for acne scars can help to eliminate the acne. One resolution for acne scars is a mixture of turmeric and nutmeg. This combination is great because they both are great anti-bacterial treatments for the skin.